El CENTRO’s membership has organized engaged faith communities and leaders, civil rights and human rights organizations, labor and workers’ justice organizations, victims’ advocates and elected officials in campaigns to support pro-immigrant, non-discriminatory policies at the local and federal level that are conducive to the full integration of immigrant communities and actively fights against anti-immigrant policy initiatives.

Policies in Bernalillo County and Albuquerque

FAQ and Talking Points on Immigrant Friendly/ Non-Discrimination Policies –

In order for Trump to carry out his terrifying vision of mass deportation, his administration is trying to strong-arm local governments into enforcing federal deportation programs. We stand behind our proud legacy in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County of passing immigrant-friendly policies which are conducive to promoting the public safety of all our residents

Immigrant Communities, Victims’ Advocates, Civil Liberty and Faith-based Organizations, and Economic Development Experts Celebrate the Passing of Resolution to Strengthen Bernco Status as Immigrant Friendly County


In order to keep ABQ families together and to safeguard the civil rights of Bernalillo County residents, El CENTRO spearheaded and worked with the Bernalillo County to pass Bernalillo County Resolution AR-2017-22 , declaring Bernalillo County as an immigrant-friendly county. We then passed a bi-partisan resolution in 2019, Resolution-2019-22, strengthening Bernco’s immigrant-friendly status. Click here for a summary of the resolution.

ABQ City Council Resolution M-17-4 – Declaring Albuquerque an Immigrant Friendly City (2017)

APS Save Heave Policies – APS has had “safe school” policies that pertain to the protection of immigrants as far back as 1997

ABQ City Council Resolution-87-04 – Denouncing federal legislation that requires collaboration between local law enforcement and federal immigration agencies (2004)

ABQ City Council Memorial M-15-10 -Reaffirming The City Of Albuquerque’s Commitment To Civil Rights, Recognizing The Contributions Of Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Workers And Families, And Urging Congress To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (2015)

Albuquerque Minimum Wage Policy

Statewide Policies

New Mexico’s driver’s license policy

New Mexico’s Anti-Wage Theft Legislation

New Mexico’s In-state tuition for Immigrant students