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Learn how to protect your family and community. Download your toolkit TODAY!
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Learn how we work to uphold the civil rights or our community.
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Learn about how we organize to improve conditions and the economic security of low-wage workers in Albuquerque.

El CENTRO is a grassroots, Latino immigrant-led organization based in Central New Mexico that works with Latino immigrant communities and allies to defend, strengthen, and advance the rights of our community.


Conoce tus derechos si eres un empleador que a recibido una carta de no concuerdo (No-Match Letter) de la oficina de la Administración del Seguro Social o si eres un empleado y tu empleador a recibido esta carta.

Sign Up Here to Request Our Civil Rights Workshop

Now more than ever, El CENTRO finds the inherent value of our communities becoming a collective, conscious, free and powerful force dedicated to the promotion of human rights. We seek to empower communities through interactive know-your-rights workshops. The objective is to provide essential tools for different communities to defend their civil rights, hold law enforcement/ICE accountable and fight against the criminalization of our communities. Some of the tools involve but are not restricted to: *information about your rights with law enforcement and federal immigration agents *dialogue about how we are fighting back and organizing against deportation/enforcement programs; *emergency family plans


El CENTRO has prepared the following toolkit in collaboration with other organizations across the state and that nation. This toolkit package includes know-your-rights information, family emergency plan form, power of attorney, and "rights cards."  Now more than ever, it is important to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS in order to continue protecting our families and communities.


Know the facts about New Mexico's Two-Tiered Driver License System & New Changes Taking Place in 2019:


Thank you to all who supported this years May Day event! Please patronize the amazing immigrant/locally owned businesses that support El CENTROS work, click below to see a list of these businesses.

Proposed changes to public charge: what you need to know.

  Click here to learn more about Trump's proposed anti-immigrant rules on "Public Charge" and public benefits. The rules have NOT been implemented yet, and our communities are fighting back. Don't take your family off of vital public benefits without informing yourself.

Albuquerque Passes Resolution 18-7 to Strengthen its Status as a Sanctuary City

Click here to read the resolution. Tuesday, April 24, 2018 was a historic day for our working families in Albuquerque. Our Mayor Tim Keller supported our communities by signing Resolution 18-7 to strengthen the status of Albuquerque as an immigrant-friendly city. We will continue to work with elected officials to ensure that our communities are represented. La lucha sigue!

 ATTENTION employers and workers: How to prepare for I-9 inspections with ICE if ICE comes to your job.

Click here to read the toolkit for employers and employees put together by the National Employment Law Project and the National Immigration Law Center on how to prepare for I-9 inspections and if ICE arrives at your work.

 IMPORTANT: Visit These Resources to Keep Up with the Latest DACA News

Please, refer to the following link for resources and information in New Mexico: Also! check this document that explains your rights and next possible steps if you were elegible for DACA or a DACA beneficiary.

Click here to learn about options for beneficiaries of the Temporary Protected Status (TPS)


Did you know APS has policies and procedural directives to protect APS students and their families? El CENTRO put a detailed summary of APS official policies and procedures with links to the official documents on the APS website.

 CLICK HERE if you are a member of a non-profit or a service provider

Check this guide put together by the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project if you are a member of a non-profit or a service provider interested in knowing how to provide a safe environment for undocumented clients and what to do if immigration agents came to your building or tried to detain your clients19667568_773733399467082_5780917648811930747_o

New Guide and Resources for Workers

El CENTRO's Labor Toolkit Download our new toolkit full of information and resources so that you learn your rights as a worker regardless of your immigration status. Know your protections so you can report some type of work abuse and to help fight against theft of wages. Click on the image or on the title to download the guide and remember to share this information with more people.

Our Accomplishments

El CENTRO’s members have organized tirelessly since our inception to improve the lives of low-wage workers and families in New Mexico. Some examples of our victories include:
  • El CENTRO has worked to mitigate the impact of the broken immigration system by successfully passing policies to ensure that local law enforcement does not overstep its authority and enforce federal immigration laws.
  • As a key partner in the NM Minimum Wage Coalition, we have worked to raise the minimum wage at the state level as well as in Albuquerque and  Bernalillo County.
  • El CENTRO has been at the the forefront of campaigns in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County to fight back against immigration enforcement programs and protect our communities. We drastically lowered the number of deportations in Albuquerque by working to modify policies at the Metropolitan Detention Center to minimize entanglement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Learn more about our accomplishments

Although we are proud of our accomplishments, together we can so much more! Donate today and become a member  to continue to build upon our proud legacy of passing model policies and integrating immigrants into the mainstream.  

Upcoming Events

Orientaciones de Derechos Laborales

Date: Aug 29, 2019
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: El Centro

Asiste a este taller gratis si tu crees haber sido víctima de robo de salario y/o discriminación y quieres aprender sobre tus derechos y opciones. Haz click aquí para ver el volante. Llama al (505) 246-1627 para reservar tu asiento.

Workers Rights Orientation

Date: Sep 02, 2019
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: El Centro

Attend this free workshop if you think you have been the victim of wage theft and / or discrimination and want to learn about your rights and options. Call (505) 246-1627 to reserve your seat.

Orientaciones de Derechos Laborales

Date: Sep 12, 2019
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: El Centro

Asiste a este taller gratis si tu crees haber sido víctima de robo de salario y/o discriminación y quieres aprender sobre tus derechos y opciones. Haz click aquí para ver el volante. Llama al (505) 246-1627 para reservar tu asiento.

Contact Us

El CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos
714 4th St SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102